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Elliptical Orbit' Series of images around moonscapes and nature. Giclee photographs & photogravure (photographic etchings) on Hahnemulhe paper, medium to large

Personal Statement

The Elliptical Orbit Project. My personal orbits around subject matter that intrigues me. The Elliptical Orbit Project is an ongoing photographic essay finding paths (imagined and real) between subjects that orbit in their own way. The seasonality of tidal ranges. The migrations of birds. The fruiting of mycology. The behaviour of humans within their ecological community. How waste finds its own tidal circuit when dropped in our seas. These are imaginings of big bugs flying to the moon, microscopy, Hooke’s Micrographia 1665. Lenses, microscopes, telescopes, cameras. Early photographic printing ideas, salt tones of rich sepia and earthy brown. I work with digital imagery and print these using a printmaking technique going back to the 1500s. Mostly monochrome, sometimes in blues and browns. Limited editions on beautiful paper, inspired by the Harbour around me and the sea at the end of the garden.

  • Ali Warner
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    2 Mariners terrace, Shore road, West Sussex PO18 8JA

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    Park in main Bosham paying carpark. Exit on foot. Head towards sea, walk along the raised footpath/seawall on your left. Hop over the wall at Number 2.

Ali Warner

2 Mariners terrace, Shore road, West Sussex PO18 8JA

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