I’m sure everyone will agree that the 2020 Trail was sorely missed by artists and visitors alike…whilst the Online 2020 Art Trail had its successes, it was just not the same as the usual more interactive format!


In view of the current uncertainty about events and gatherings for the foreseeable future, we decided to make October 1st our strategy day and work out a way to proceed with the 2021 Trail



Of course it is impossible to predict, at this time, whether a Trail can go ahead next May. Indeed the only course for certainty would be to decide, now, to cancel Trail 2021. That is the last thing we want to do, as I’m sure you would all agree – it would be devastating and defeatist!
 So we have devised a 4 phase plan of action to best deal with changing times:

Phase 1 – An Open Call inviting artists to register via the website during November. We will find out how many artists are willing to take part in an event which allows visitors into their homes or studios and may have lower footfall if visitors are cautious.
If fewer than 100 artists register, we will cancel the event at the beginning of December (it is not financially viable with too few artists). Artists who have registered will be refunded.

Phase 2 – Preparation phase through to the end of February 2021.  If more than 100 artists register, we will embark upon all preparations – administration of artists’ entries, uploading to the website, design and layout of the Trail Guide, social media and newsletters.
There will be an upper limit of 180 artists (on a first come first served basis) – this is the tipping point beyond which greater printing expenses are incurred for a thicker Trail Guide.

Phase 3  – Decision day, 1st March 2021. By this date, there will be a fully functioning Online Trail of all artists webpages, which will remain up and running available for our audience to browse and contact artists. The digital Trail Guide will be accessible on the site. We shall now asses whether government guidelines, on this date, will accommodate an event founded upon people coming together and moving from one gathering to another.

If on March 1st  2021, government guidelines are such that this type of event is not permissible, we will have to cancel the Trail.

 With the cancellation of the 2020 event, we are able to fund this preparation phase of the Trail without calling upon 2021 fees. If we have to cancel at this point, artists will be able to have a full refund for 2021 entry.

BUT…if, as we very much hope, government guidelines will permit the running of the Trail, the Guide will go to print and all further preparations will continue towards a covid-secure event.

Phase 4 – The final run up to the Trail – after March 1st and before the beginning of May. If the covid situation changes for the worse and government guidelines no longer permit us to run the event, we will have to cancel the Trail at the eleventh hour.
No refunds for artists will be possible at this stage as commitment to printing and other resources will have been made.
Our efforts will be diverted to promote an Online Trail as in 2020

We hope this is helpful information to enable you to consider your own pros and cons for taking part in the 2021 Trail. At the moment the outcome is uncertain and there is a risk of losing your fee, but only if we are unfortunate enough to have to cancel at the last minute.

There is a sense that artists are raring to go, and have large quantities of stored up art ready to share with eager visitors…so fingers crossed for the long awaited Art Trail 2021!

If you are willing to give it a go with us, we look forward to receiving your registration in November.

We have decided as an exceptional case, for 2021 only, to set a reduced fee of £75 per artist.


…or do you know someone who might like to take part?

For artists who would like to take part in the 2021 Trail, everything you need to know about the entry procedure and ethos behind the event can be found under JOIN US on the website


You could start with the FAQs, or our Artist Registration page. The Information for Artists and Guidance Notes will let you know whether you are eligible to join, the commitment required, the cost, what it includes, how to enter…and help with other queries.

The all important Art Trail dates for your diary are:

Sat, Sun, Mon, May 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Sat, Sun, May 8th, 9th


Here you can read more of the CALL FOR ARTISTS Newsletter

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