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Guide for new artists

Guide for new artists

What you need to know

Hello and welcome! This information is particularly for artists new to Open Studios or those who have not participated for a while. We are delighted that you have decided to join us and hope you will find it a positive and enjoyable experience.

Guide for new artists

A few points…


We do all we can to promote Chichester Open Studios and support our artists via advertising in the Press and online, providing signs, posters, flyers and Guides.

Your own added efforts to market your Studio, and your work, will serve to increase your visitor numbers and the enjoyment of your experience.


You will be supplied with signs to ensure visitors can locate you.

Collection Day TBC 2024!

For the collection of all you need for your Studio; signs, clickers, posters, flyers and Guides. Also a great opportunity to meet a few more artists.

Setting up your Studio Venue

The idea behind Open Studios is for the public to see your work in the context of its creation. Visitors love to gain an insight into your working practice, the tools you use, the process and details of making; it becomes accessible, adding meaning and associations to your work.

Safety Guidance

An artist’s working environment can pose hazards to visitors. The Guide will carry a disclaimer to the effect that visitors enter at their own risk and we will also provide a safety notice for you to print out and display in your studio.


We will keep in touch with you via Newsletters, letting you know what is happening on the organisational side, anything we need from you and when it is required. It is essential you thoroughly read these emails and it is each individual artists responsibility to do so; it may seem long but it’s all necessary details.

Artist Mentors

Seasoned artists offering a guiding hand to new artists within a relaxed mentor programme. If you feel this would be helpful to you, email and we will aim to match you up.

We are here to support and promote you and are sure you will enjoy participating in this year’s Open Studios! If there is anything else you would like to know, do contact us at

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