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Venue Safety

approx. 450 X 450mm by Joshua Robinson
Health & Safety essentials

Keeping trail visitors safe

An artist’s working environment can potentially pose hazards to visitors. The Trail Guide carries a disclaimer to the effect that visitors enter your Venue at their own risk. Prominently display your Venue Safety Poster by your entrance.

Venue Safety

Visitor Disclaimer & Covid Safety


The organisers and artists of Chichester Open Studios Art Trail cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury sustained by any member of the public visiting Art Trail Venues. Visitors should be alert to the variety of working environments and the possible hazards, and visit at their own risk. Please supervise children carefully.

We will provide this information on a Safety Poster that we ask you to display in your Venue to affirm the above.


Covid safety measures you can put in place at your Venue, for both artists and visitors to adhere to are less strict but a few tips are below:

As of 4th April 2022 venues may request a covid-19 pass although it appears it is not compulsory. A copy of a test within 48 hours showing negative results; proof of vaccination or medical exemption will suffice.

  • Advice is more relaxed now, but we would highly recommend the following:
  • Vulnerable Artists to request all visitors to wear face coverings
  • Request everyone uses hand gel before touching anything inside your venue – keep by the door
  • Maintain a level of distance in small spaces
  • Keep surfaces wiped clean
  • Have windows and doors open providing ventilation
  • Request anyone you know with covid-19 symptoms to stay away
  • Venues are no longer recommended to display NHS QR posters or collect contact details from visitors
  • Do your own site specific Risk Assessment – tips how to are within the link below

More information can be found on see link below:

27 x 27cm by Catherine Barnes
30cm x 30cm x 15cm by Kate Mercy
Venue Safety

Preparing your studio

Please use common sense to consider what could cause harm to people and aim to take sufficient precautions to prevent this. Remove any trip hazards, sharp or dangerous tools and hazardous materials. Take reasonable steps to ensure that any risk to visitors is low. Do your own site specific Risk Assessment – tips how to are within the link below


We are not able to provide valid insurance for you at your Art Trail Venue or the event as a whole. If you wish to look into your own insurance cover, The Artists Information Company may be helpful, but please do your own research to find what you feel you need.


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