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A Virtual Visit to Linda Smith at Venue 56

Posted by Nicola Hancock on 6th May, 2020

Whilst we are not able to visit in person, here is a virtual visit to Linda Smith at Venue 56.

During a beautiful sunny beginning of May, on a typical Art Trail day, she has taken some photos and a video of what we are missing…and what we can look forward to next year!

You can read more about her at Online Venue 56

  • ... Today is what should have been the first day of the Art Trail. Like everything, it's been cancelled. However, I thought you might like to enjoy some pictures of what I had planned for the Trail.

    Chichester Art Trail

    What are you working on at the moment?

    Linda Smith

    A project that I hope will be a permanent comment on the situation we all currently find ourselves in. This year has been pretty dreadful for us all, something that has made the creative arts all the more important.

  • Chichester Art Trail

    These are very interesting...!

    Linda Smith

    The following vessels are frost resistant and ideal for outdoors.

  • Chichester Art Trail

    What are they made of?

    Linda Smith

    They are made out of a wonderfully gritty clay which is called Craft Crank.

  • Chichester Art Trail

    The Trail experience would not be complete without a walk round the garden to the studio...

  • Chichester Art Trail

    Where can we see more!

    Linda Smith

    I decided to make something memorable which would capture this moment in time for me – a tiled wall, still a work in progress, which I have named The story so far… 

    You can see it, along with my newest work and my studio, on Instagram

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