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Creating in a Time of Isolation – Christine Labadidi

Posted by Nicola Hancock on 2nd April, 2020

I felt it might be interesting for visitors to the Chichester Online 2020 Art Trail to hear how artists are responding to this time of isolation. Does their creativity help, and keep them buoyant? Or does it become elusive?
So I have invited Trail artists to ponder the following 4 questions…

Here are thoughts from Christine Labadidi, a glass artist, at Online Venue 117
She makes fused glass bowls, hangings, light catchers and standing curves…as well as larger wall pieces combining glass and resin, garden features and jewellery.

  • ... This lockdown has made me rethink how much I waste, whether that be food, toilet rolls or glass.

    Nicola Hancock

    How is your creativity of benefit during this time of self isolation?

    Christine Labadidi

    Being creative is not easy at the moment, as there are so many other emotions and thoughts going around in my mind. However, going to my work bench and beginning a piece can take me into a completely different world. The rhythm of cutting, grinding and assembling glass gives a constant; something in life that hasn’t changed and that’s what gets me into my creative zone. 

  • Nicola Hancock

    Why does your medium of choice fulfil your need to be creative?

    Christine Labadidi

    There are so many different ways of working with glass, all giving different outcomes, so the opportunities are endless. Glass is never boring and it’s that diversity that truly excites me.

  • Nicola Hancock

    What is your most loved tool or machinery?

    Christine Labadidi

    Definitely my kiln! She ramps up, holds and cools down, day in and day out. Without her I wouldn’t function! 

  • Nicola Hancock

    What are you working on at the moment?

    Christine Labadidi

    This lockdown has made me rethink how much I waste, whether that be food, toilet rolls or glass. My recent glass order hasn’t arrived and, given the circumstances, it may never arrive! To combat this, I’ve been using up all my scraps and off cuts to create with. I even found a bowl I’d made years ago, that I’d grown out of love with, so I hammered it into pieces and redesigned it. This was quite therapeutic to say the least!

    I love the idea of giving something a new life. 

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