Chichester Open Studios

21 years of open studios

30mm x 30mm by Katherine Lawrie
Chichester Open Studios

Our story

For 21 years chichester and the surrounding areas have opened the doors of our artistic work spaces welcoming visitors into our unique worlds.

21 years of open studios

Our beginnings

Taking us back to July 2001, local artist, Susan Cutts, embarked on a journey to encourage other local artists to share their work spaces, techniques and experiences as working professional artists to the local community.

The vision for “Open Doors” as it was known for ten years, was to allow artists to open up their work spaces and embrace local visitors; venturing into our unique, magical spaces to learn our trade and purchase our work. In 2002 the Trail was set to its well known May bank holiday schedule.

A special mention to Daphne Casdagli RE, an amazingly talented, kind and wonderful local Printmaker, who has been supporting the Trail from the very beginning and now is a member of the Trail Committee offering help and guiding the new Committee since October 2021.

Terns' - linocut
23cm x 23cm by Carol Naylor
21 years of open studios

A wide range of creative activity

Since the very beginning, the Chichester Open Studios Art Trail has grown to a healthy Trail and now supports five separate areas all combining to an exciting trail within the local art community.

The separate areas, Downs, Harbour, Peninsula, Seaside, Regis and City can be explored individually over 5 days.

Alternatively you can explore the Trail using the “Artist By Category” lists – this year showcasing a phenomenal mixture of techniques, processes and media: artists’ books, ceramics, digital art, drawing, dressmaking, encaustic, found objects, glass, jewellery, knitting, metal, mixed media, mosaic, painting, paper, pastels, photography, printmaking, prints, sculpture, textiles and wood.

21 years of open studios

Welcome to the trail

Each May our studio doors are wedged open to welcome, intrigue and teach our beloved art.

Visitors come from far and wide, to see professional, established and highly admired artists as well as new, upcoming, emerging and amateur artists alike. Visitors use the Trail Guide to create their own unique adventure into our worlds where magic is created.

We are all are incredibly excited to show you our processes, the work we live to create, sharing our lives work with you and look forward to welcoming you in May.

49cm x 43cm by Ghislaine Davis
21 years of open studios

Creativity in the time of lockdowns

Technically the Chichester Open Studios Art Trail, beginning in 2001 has been going for 22 years.

However, the pandemic and lockdown of 2020 meant we were unable to open our workspaces.

An online opportunity with the website being available and lots of artists running social media campaigns, meant we had some presence despite the physical Trail being unable to materialise.

This resulted in 2022 being our 21st Year Opening our Studios to the general public.

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