Kirsten Burke – Venue 21 – is one of the leading lettering artists working in the UK today. Maybe you’ve seen her vibrant creations adorning a wall at a museum, gracing a beautiful wedding invitation, or capturing the spirit of the moment on a greetings card.


I recently completed a ‘Book of Sermons’ for St Marys Church in Oxford, part of Oxford University. I was given 6 very famous sermons that had been preached at the pulpit of the church, by amazing speakers like Desmond Tutu and C S Lewis and asked to create 6 artworks for permanent display there on a specially made lecturn. 

• Hotrod-197 sm • Hotrod-152 sm

It’s always the message within the text that prompts me to create my work. The words are the inspiration behind the style, colours and i use anything I can find to give me the effects i need – the bottom of a bin to make a circle or the rough texture from an old wooden box to lean on!

Kirsten Working web  IMG_2557

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