The Trail framework, dates and times are very different this year and are necessarily detailed to cover the Covid situation – it is very important that you read this Newsletter so you are able to participate in new plans.

Here is a summary of action required, then read on to digest the details.

 Please note:

  • If you feel unable to comply with the required Covid safety measures, you must not open your Venue – we will include you in the Online Trail.
  • The Trail Guide print deadline is approaching – please inform us of any major changes to your entry.

Let us know by sending a new email to

Please read about:

  • The Show of Work – what to bring when, label information and opening times.
  • Collection Day – where, when and your time slot.
  • The Art Trail Hub – what is it?
  • News for Online Trail artists – how to take part.

Could you keep a look out for fellow Trail artists – have they received the Newsletter? There is an 80% open rate, so quite a few artists will be missing information that is needed to be able to participate in the Trail.

Newsletters are always available on the Blog and all the information you need to take part in the Trail is on the website


New Trail Dates

2 weekends – 10th, 11th and 17th, 18th July

Already, these dates are speeding towards us!

It is essential for the marketing success of the Trail, and to visitors travelling the Trail route, that we do have a printed Trail Guide. Assuming we go ahead with the Trail in July, our deadline for printing (and expenditure) is May 17th.

If we are later forced to cancel the Trail due to government restrictions, whilst we could still distribute the printed Trail Guides and market the Trail as an online event, this is the point of no return regarding any refunds.

Our present intention is that we should print the Trail Guide and forge on ahead to July! 

In view of the imminent print deadline, if you feel you would rather participate as an Online Trail artist only, or if an artist wishes to revert to opening their Venue, please now let us know by return. 

We will update your entry on the website and in the Trail Guide before it goes to print.

Send a new email to 

We will reply, so if you do not hear back, please try again or via the website.


NHS Test and Trace Logo


Very important – please read this information carefully
We will be happy to include you in the Online Trail


In order to run a multiple location event such as the Art Trail, every Venue that opens must ensure a Covid safe environment and be part of the NHS Test and Trace system. 

There is more detail in the previous Newsletter, but these are the sorts of measures we have all (sadly) become used to – we feel sure there are workable ways to manage this.

We now have a Covid Safety page, under ABOUT on the website, with information for both artists and visitors about the regulations to follow.

On Collection Day (see below) you will receive an Art Trail Goody Bag which will have all the relevant paperwork, custom made for your Trail Venue.

By opening your Venue to participate in the Art Trail, you are agreeing to comply with all Covid Safety regulations.

showof work

We will be holding a Show of Work at the Art Trail Hub –  work by our artists for the public to view and buy, and a taster of the Trail to follow.


11am – 4pm at weekends         11.30am – 3pm on week days

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Our Show of Work is also a Festival of Chichester event this year.

We would like everyone to take part. You will need to read the new website page to find out how:

A Show of Work by Chichester Art Trail Artists

Label information can be submitted as soon as you wish, but before 10th June please.

Work is to be brought with you on Collection Day (see below).



At Courtyard Studios, we are creating a place to house and discover all things Art Trail…with a new gallery space to hang the Show of Work by Trail artists.

The Hub will be open from the 19th June. Potential Trail visitors can pick up information, see and purchase your artwork and get a taste of the Trail to follow later in July. There will be roadside, social media and Press advertising, and this will also be a Festival of Chichester venue.

Please read about it, and opening times, on the new website page Chichester Art Trail Hub

Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 18.41.45

A watershed day in the Art Trail year!

  • Pick up Trail signs and supplies to turn your workplace into a Trail Venue.
  • Your Covid paperwork will be ready for you.
  • Collect Trail Guides and publicity materials.
  • See yourself and your Venue in print!
  • Bring a piece of artwork for the Show of Work (information above).

Saturday June 12th at Courtyard Studios, the Art Trail Hub 

Covid Safety

Please arrive during your appropriate 1 hour time slot, maintain social distancing and wear a face covering if you enter any indoor areas. Thank you.

  • Venue 1 – 22        10am – 11am
  • Venue 23 – 45      1am – 12noon
  • Venue 46 – 66      12noon – 1pm
  • Venue 67 – 91      1pm – 2pm
  • Venue 92 – 112    2pm – 3pm

Please do attend – or arrange for someone to come on your behalf. 

  • You will need these supplies for your Venue.
  • This is your opportunity to bring a piece of art for the Show of Work.

Any problems, please send a new email to

See the Collection Day page on the website, for the information you need and for directions to Courtyard Studios – the new Art Trail Hub.


Read the rest of the Newsletter


We will be in touch again before Collection Day, June 12th, with a reminder of the details of day.

With very best wishes


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