We are delighted to announce the launch of the revamped Chichester Art Trail website.

The latest version has been built from the ground up to deliver the latest news and information for those interested in visiting the trail.

The design is bright, clean, and minimal (without being brutally so), and great pains have been taken to ensure usability has been respected (this is a design for a digital “platform” after all!). The colour palette is largely monochromatic with the addition of the Trail’s trademark green to provide an accent.

Many new features have been added, including a newsletter sign-up form so that subscribers can receive updates from us direct to their email inboxes, online registration for artists looking to participate in the event, and the site is now fully searchable.

The devil is always in the detail

For the technically-minded amongst you, the site makes use of advanced HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript techniques to enhance the level of functionality and visual presentation on compatible browsers, and implements a fully “Responsive” design to ensure optimal display across a wide variety of devices including smartphones and tablets.

For consistency of text display, the phenomenal Adobe TypeKit service has been deployed to ensure that visitors enjoy the same experience across the widest possible range of Web browser software. The master typeface used is Proxima Nova by the Mark Simonson Studio, and is much loved for its Humanist-inspired good looks and supreme onscreen legibility.

We hope you will find the new version of the website informative and easy-to-use, and don’t forget to return often for the latest news and event details.

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    6th November, 2014

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