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Sculpture, using found and made objects to create playful works. Abstract paintings and prints responding to colours and textures in the environment.

Personal Statement

Chérie Lubbock completed her MFA at Sussex University before setting up her studio on Sindles Farm. Lubbock works in a free flowing, gestural style that uses colour and texture to elaborate ideas concerning the natural world. She works in series and selects a limited range of colours to begin her abstract paintings. She often warms up with mark making on paper and then, working quickly, adds marks and areas of colour across multiple surfaces at once. She uses acrylics with oil and graphite additions on panel boards, canvas or paper.
When creating sculpture, Lubbock intuitively responds to found objects, assembling, and combining these with things she has created. She works quite quickly and tries to reflect the energy and joy in all her pieces, exploiting happy accidents in her work. Plaster, jesmonite, polymer clay, papier mâché, new or recycled wood and metal are some of the materials that are used in her sculpture. While figuration is hinted at, Lubbock is more concerned with articulating aspects of the human spirit which exist independent of the body. Ritual, rites and magic are alluded to, leaving space for interpretation and reflection.

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    unit 1, The Art studio, Sindles farm, Aldsworth, PO10 8QS

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    From Funtington, follow the Common Road through to the village of Aldsworth. Turn right, opposite Aldsworth Stud, down the lane past the farmhouse until you reach unit 1, on the right.

Chérie Lubbock

unit 1, The Art studio, Sindles farm, Aldsworth, PO10 8QS

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