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Textile and multimedia work based on the themes of documenting people's lives and celebrating the World around us.

Personal Statement

Starting as a traditional quilter, I have gradually broken away from this discipline of needle craft. Inspired by the textile art movement which came to the fore in the 1970s I embraced the freedom this opened-up. Presently I work in 2D, 3D textiles and multimedia mainly underpinned by two strands of inspiration
The first is observing and recording everyday modern life. Sometimes looking at the big picture but often observing the lives of Mr & Mrs Nobody in Particular.
The second strand is based on place, celebrating the inspiration garnered when travelling, but above all, Chichester Harbour; where its moods shaped by weather, season and tides provide endless sources of inspiration.

  • Alison Garrett
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    St. Wilfred's Church, Broad Road, Nutbourne, PO18 8SW

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    Turn north from the A259 opposite the Barleycorn Pub. Ist entrance on the right

Alison Garrett

St. Wilfred's Church, Broad Road, Nutbourne, PO18 8SW

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