Rebecca Snelling

About the artist

Hand made knitted cushions, sweaters and scarves. Inspired by my love of flowers using alpaca, mulberry silk and cotton yarns.

Personal Statement

It all started with my mother teaching me at the age of nine to knit my Barbie a colourful scarf. Knitting has been my constant companion and passion for many years. I particularly enjoy designing and have been inspired by many amazing designers and artists including Paul Klee, Mondrian, Julie Arkell, Patricia Roberts and Orla kiely. I prefer to work with natural yarns including wool, alpaca, cotton and mulberry silk. To take a simple, natural material and turn it into something that gives me and others so much joy always amazes me. I never get fed up with experimenting and designing new knitwear. It makes me very happy to think of all the people I have knitted for over my lifetime and how wonderful they look when wearing my creations. I have always enjoyed helping my friends and family with their own knitting and how much pleasure they get from sharing my passion. I enjoy enabling others to be creative and gain a range of skills in knitting techniques, so during the Chichester Open Studio weekends I will be running knitting clinics each day at The Fruit Room Studio between 12.00 and 2.00pm

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    The Fruit Room Art Studio, Stansted Park, Stansted park, PO9 6DX

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    When arriving at Stansted Park please take the South Entrance to the garden centre car park. From there you can walk through to the walled garden and behind the Pavilion tea rooms next to the entrance

Rebecca Snelling

The Fruit Room Art Studio, Stansted Park, Stansted park, PO9 6DX

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