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Posted by Nicola Hancock on 20th April, 2019

If you are an artist looking for an opportunity to have a modest solo exhibition, the stairwell setting of the amazing Chichester library building will embrace you!

In January, I booked an exhibition for myself. I knew that by springtime, organising the Art Trail may well be defining my days. So this was to remind myself that I’m an artist too! There is a great sense of pride and achievement in seeing the crystallisation of your own creative impulse presented as a body of work.

Nicola Hancock
Chichester Open Studios Art Trail

  • ... West Sussex Library Service aims to promote cultural, social and educational activities in the local community.

    Chichester Art Trail

    How do you book an exhibition in the library?

    Nicola Hancock

    It’s easy! Pop into Chichester library, upstairs at the information desk. It is advisable to book well in advance of the dates you require. There is an application form to fill in with the title of your exhibition and the subject of the display.

    You can book an exhibition for a week, Monday – Saturday.

  • Chichester Art Trail

    What is the hanging space like?

    Nicola Hancock

    There are 13 hooks, evenly spaced as you walk up the stairs, with spot lights on your work. I took smallish paintings as there is quite a curve to the wall of the stairwell.

  • Chichester Art Trail

    Is there a cost?

    Nicola Hancock

    There is no booking fee. But where an exhibition offers items for sale, a flat rate of £13 per week will be charged (£1 per hook is soooo reasonable!)

  • Chichester Art Trail

    How do you hang the exhibition?

    Nicola Hancock

    The library staff do not mount the exhibition, although they are pleased to offer advice. But the hanging wire of a frame will quite easily hitch over the sturdy hooks and…hey presto, you have an exhibition. You can even use the straight lines of the bricks to get everything pleasingly level!!

  • Chichester Art Trail

    What about pricing and labelling?

    Nicola Hancock

    You can’t use blutack or sticky tape adhesives to mount any labels on the wall. The staff kindly lent me an acrylic stand to slip in a title and price list on an A4 sheet. This works very well standing on a bookcase at the bottom of the stairs.

    The library staff are not involved in the sale of items. Staff will refer sale enquiries to you and will note items as sold if you ask them to.

  • Chichester Art Trail

    On the day

    Nicola Hancock

    I popped in to see the staff during the previous week to check what the arrangements were.

    On the Monday, I arrived at 8.30, before opening time, and used the staff entrance round towards the back of the library building. I could then set up quietly before the public arrived.

    On the following Saturday, I took down my work just before 5pm closing, and went home feeling very quietly satisfied after an uplifting experience!

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