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Posted by Nicola Hancock on 5th April, 2019

The Artist Resource series began last year to give artists ideas and assistance when it comes to taking their work out into the world. The Art Trail is of course one of the ways we achieve this. Wouldn’t it be so good though, to have something ticking over behind the scenes all year round…!

Border Digital, in West Stoke, who already offer printing solutions for artists, have taken a step in this direction for us, and are offering a hassle free opportunity…

  • ... a website for local artists to sell prints of their art, and for art buyers who recognise and support local talent.

    Nicola Hancock

    Where did the idea for Artsmartz come from?

    Kevin Misselbrook

    This was an idea I had many years ago…it became apparent that there were plenty of great artists around, very good at their art, but not really having much idea about the best way to sell it, other than through the Art Trail. Border Digital (offering printing solutions for artists, see our previous Artist Resource post) has been in the business of reproducing art in the form of Giclee prints, greetings cards etc for some time, so it seemed a natural progression to offer a website opportunity where we take care of the selling for artists too.

  • Nicola Hancock

    How does Artsmartz work?

    Kevin Misselbrook

    So, the basics are:

    • We offer several packages covering various options. Within these, you can select how many pictures you wish to advertise.
    • Potential purchasers will browse the site, select the print they wish to buy, at the size they choose, and follow the normal procedure for purchasing on line.
    • We will receive an email from them with the payment.
    • The artist will receive a confirmation that a sale has been made.
    • We produce the print and the customer collects it from Border Digital when ready.
    • In time we will be adding delivery too, but this will not necessarily be available for a while, unless by arrangement.
  • Nicola Hancock

    Who is Artsmartz for?

    Kevin Misselbrook

    Primarily any form of artist who can sell prints of their work. Painters, photographers or even digital artists producing their work on computers.

  • Nicola Hancock

    How does the business model work, is commission taken etc?

    Kevin Misselbrook

    We are still working on the full model and hope to have this confirmed for the Art Trail.

    • A joining fee will cover the cost of setting up the artist’s web page and the production of the digital files where required.
    • There will be a small monthly fee to cover website maintenance and advertising for the site. Regular maintenance windows will be offered for editing the artist’s web page.
    • The cost of print production will be deducted from the sale price and there may be a small commission charge. This will all be agreed before any commitment is made by the artist.

    There are further developments planned for the future too, which include an ‘artist’s member area’ with secure log in for each member, where the artists can purchase a variety of products, Giclee prints, greeting cards, business cards, leaflets & postcards etc for their own use at discounted prices!

  • Nicola Hancock

    How do you entice buyers to the Artsmartz site?

    Kevin Misselbrook

    Online advertising, sign ups to various digital marketing companies, as well as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram campaigns. The website will have comprehensive search engine optimisation applied, and will be promoted through many local organisations too. Local newspapers and magazines will be involved and possibly radio! We will be offering and organising leaflet drops to help boost local awareness.

  • Nicola Hancock

    In what way is it different from other online sites for artists to sell their work?

    Kevin Misselbrook

    The beauty of Artsmartz is that everything is contained in one area and run by Border Digital. So it is in our interest to make sure it works and works well.

    At this stage it is designed to assist local artists, who can come and talk to us, see the options available and check the quality of what we are offering. It is not just someone hiding behind an online website, outsourcing everything, and who could be running it from their bedroom in their under-pants!

    These artists will be Border Digital customers, Border Digital will be handling all the printing with the usual quality our customers have come to expect at a fair price. Plus we will only print when orders have been placed, so no need for unnecessary expense up front.

  • Nicola Hancock

    How should users contact you?

    Kevin Misselbrook

    Anyone wishing for more details can come along to Border Digital during the Art Trail where Lee Carpenter will be exhibiting his amazing photography at Venue 34. We hope to have the website up and running as a BETA version for visitors to view. Alternatively, if you are an artist manning your own Venue during the Trail, please email artstudio@artsmartz.co.uk and we will be happy to respond to any enquiries.

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