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Posted by Nicola Hancock on 21st February, 2018

As Art Trail time approaches, my mind turns to things printed.

Those great big paintings, the ones that are unlikely to end up on someone’s living room wall, or the ones I don’t want to part with…shall I have some prints? I usually have them made to a different size, so they are new, not just a reproduction. Those do seem to go down well.

Postcards sometimes…with my contact details, presenting my current artwork in a portable form for Trail Goers to remember me by.

So, I approached Kevin Misselbrook, of Border Digital, to be the next in our Resources for Artists series.

  • ... Never assume that the public will not be interested in what you produce!

    Nicola Hancock

    What is your business?

    Kevin Misselbrook

    Border Digital is a large format printer offering all forms of print. Specialising in art reproduction, from photography through to giclee and canvas prints, including postcards and greeting cards. Plus much more besides.

  • Nicola Hancock

    What do you provide for artists?

    Kevin Misselbrook

    We offer professional advice regarding the reproduction of artwork, in a friendly one on one consultation. We use all the modern day techniques and software to reproduce in many different forms, as required, while maintaining your original concept. Or you can supply your own digital files and we advise as to whether they are of suitable quality before proceeding with any printing.

  • Nicola Hancock

    How does an artist get in touch with you?

    Kevin Misselbrook

    You can call on 01243 574417, email sales@border-digital.co.uk or call in (this is preferable as we have samples here on display).

    Our address is 8 Kingley Centre, Downs Road, West Stoke PO18 9HJ

    Visit www.border-digital.co.uk to see more about the services we offer.

  • Nicola Hancock

    How can your business support and promote an artist’s work?

    Kevin Misselbrook

    By reproducing your work in the highest quality possible depending on the original supplied, and giving advice as mentioned above.

    We are embarking on a website solution to advertise artists’ reproductions. We will offer to promote the displayed work and to reproduce on demand – stress free and keeping your cost to a minimum, while leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best by producing more art.

    As work in progress, we have a few other ideas using social media and potentially displaying work at our offices. 

  • Nicola Hancock

    What is the process of working with an artist?

    Kevin Misselbrook

    Initially we like to have an informal chat either on the phone or by calling in to see us. We like to see what you have previously had printed, if anything. We also like to see examples of your work, to be able to advise on how best it can be reproduced. Sometimes a scan is better to use than a digital photograph or vice versa, sometimes more work than just printing will be required, so we need to discuss why.

    Once we have established a way forward, we will produce a small printed proof to assess the colours and adjust as required. If using supplied digital images, this can sometimes be a lengthy process and it may not be possible to achieve the desired results. In this instance we advise on the best way forward. When you have seen the proof, we then produce the prints in the form required. We always supply the final photographs for later use.

  • Nicola Hancock

    What should an artist bring along when they come to see you?

    Kevin Misselbrook

    Examples of your work and ideas, or digital files, and an open mind as to the forms in which we can reproduce your art. If you know what you require it will help, and because we already supply many artists with a variety of products and options, we can cover most requests.


    (Nicola here…this is one they made earlier from a tiny little 15cm painting of mine, several times larger than the original here!)

  • Nicola Hancock

    Do you have any thoughts or recommendations, from your own experience, that might benefit an artist wishing to get their work out into the world?

    Kevin Misselbrook

    Yes! Never assume that the public will not be interested in what you produce! The amazing thing about art is that what appeals to one doesn’t necessarily appeal to another, and also the other way round! Tastes are so diverse that there is always something for everyone. So long as what you produce, or reproduce, is printed in the best quality and offers good value for money, you can’t really go wrong!

    It is also sensible to remember that just because your work might be on a website, it doesn’t mean that people will get to see it, especially if the website isn’t being promoted. So choose wisely how you advertise.

    We find it is much better for people to see what you are offering; it is always good to see what is behind the production and people tend to buy in to you as much as what you produce. Exhibiting is always a good thing and seeing the face behind the image really does help.

    The Art Trail is great, because you meet such a diverse set of people and they like to see options and discuss the possibilities or producing work in different formats. It is a very effective way of putting your work on show, plus you get to meet other artists and pick up ideas from them too.

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